Who said pocket squares are square?

There are few opportunities for Gentlemen to show their personality through their work attire. Comedy socks and Homer Simpson cufflinks don’t really cut the mustard when it comes to giving an impression of professionalism and won’t do much to convince anyone that you have a sophisticated approach to your wardrobe.

There is a solution though, a way to inject a little flourish of excitement and a way to set your self aside from the rest of the corporate world in their sea of navy and grey suits. A little luxurious something that you can keep up your sleeve (well actually in your pocket) which will not only pack a whole bucket of style and fun into wearing a suit, but does so whilst remaining entirely appropriate for work, or at least on the face of things.

I have been a wearer of pocket squares for many years and have amassed a modest collection. However, the world of pocket squares has been a fairly conservative world. Or at least it used to be until I discovered Age of Reason.L1020003-2web

Age of Reason Studios is a British company founded by designer Ali Mapletoft. With it’s origins in the design and manufacture of luxury ladies scarves with a refreshing modern and mischievous twist. Her designs have a whiff of the anarchist but all done in a very British tongue in cheek fashion.

Soon the smaller neck scarves were finding their ways into the pockets of stylish Gentlemen wanting something different to use as pocket squares, which lead Ali to make a range for men.L1020007-2web

Starting with no more than a clean sheet of artists paper, some ink and a playful attitude Ali creates each design. Often secret messages and hidden details find their way into the little works of art and the more you look at them the more you see. The designs are printed in limited quantity runs onto the very finest silk after which the edges are hand rolled (as all pocket squares should be as it gives the edges a fuller and more luxurious look).L1020009-2web

The quality of Age of Reason pocket squares speaks for itself, but it is the designs that make them so desirable. Be it stylish Pirate Queens or some of the more risqué squares with scenes inspired from the Kama Sutra they never fail to raise a smile. You can choose which parts of the design to show (or conceal) depending on your mood and situation. It could be a case of revealing some details in the boardroom meeting then in the bar afterwards the naughtier elements might make more of an appearance.

Click here to see the Age of Reason Pocket Square rangeL1020004-2web

Age of Reason pocket squares have without doubt earned their place as a firm Learned Gentleman favourite. Square in shape and in shape only.