Turnbull & Asser Beatles Pocket Squares

L1020069-2webThe Turnbull & Asser name is synonymous with the very best in sartorial style. They are famous for their tailor made shirts as well as their ties and pocket squares. Over the years they have produced a number of limited edition pocket squares.

In 2013 they released a series of Beatles pocket squares based on the Beatles album sleeve art. At first it might leave you wondering who would be brave enough to wear such a pocket square, but remember that when folded in the pocket of your jacket the overall design is not so apparent, and so it is an excellent, and discreet way to inject a little interest and fun.

The pocket squares were all packaged in album sleeves which really makes them feel special. I can imagine that a majority of these limited edition (only 50 of each design was produced) have ended up framed as pictures instead of being used.

With a fantastic British company making Beatles inspired pocket squares it really does not get much more British than that!