The Omega Shark Mesh Bracelet

The classic Omega Shark Mesh is an iconic Omega look made famous back in the 70’s when it appeared on the PloProf 600, the ultimate diver’s watch.


The mesh bracelet was developed as it is enormously durable as the links are not held together by pins like in regular metal bracelets as the chain links are all intertwined. This removes many points of possible failure (no pins – no pin failures) so is ideal for use in harsh submarine environments. It is also enormously practical for divers watches at it does not hold water like a nato strap or leather might.

The first thing to notice about the Omega Mesh is that it is a very substantial bracelet. Being made from solid stainless steel, and with the links being so tightly packed it makes for a very weighty bracelet. The weight of it allows heavy watch heads to be supported well which makes it extremely comfortable.

The clasp works like an airplane seatbelt with the two pieces clipping into one another. They get released by lifting the spring loaded clasp. This makes it nigh on impossible to accidentally release the clasp, again a benefit for a watch being used in extreme environments where it may get knocked about.

The very nature of mesh reduces the impact of scratches and scuffs as even if you did scuff the mesh links it would not be very obvious. The clasp, however, is brushed and so is an obvious place for getting marks. However, clasps are very easily refinished, so it is not a major issue.

The hairy amongst you might have reservations about the comfort of the mesh as it’s appearance might indicate that it might wear like some kind of torture device pulling each of your arm hairs out one by one as little excruciating reminders that you are wearing a watch. However, having yeti like arms myself I can assure you that this assumption could not be further from the truth. The mesh is very tightly packed with links and because of this it is actually very smooth to touch and never once has it as much as eyed up one of my arm hairs. It is enormously comfortable.L1020044web

It comes in both 20mm and 22mm and in one standard length. The size can be adjusted using one of 5 different springbar locator holes in the clasp itself. To give some idea of size, when fitted to a Seamaster Pro like in the photos it will fit up to a 7″ to 7.25″ wrist on the largest setting. But should your wrist be larger than this then there is an extension piece available which extends the length by around 0.75″ (the photos in this thread show the extension piece fitted – you can see it next to the clasp).

All in all the mesh is a fantastic quality bracelet, it’s durable and most importantly comfortable. It poses a nice alternative look with a bit of a retro / vintage feel. Oh, and Omega claim that it is shark proof which will come in super handy should a shark try to bite you on that 1″ of your wrist!