Bespoke Watch Straps – Inro London

My search for the worlds finest watch straps is ever ongoing, but have I found them? I possibly have, only time will tell. Let me tell you the story of my visit to one of the most exclusive British bespoke leather goods manufacturers – Inro London.


The world’s finest bespoke watch strap maker?

Every so often you buy something that really raises the bar in terms of quality. Such products are generally made by a company or individual who is enormously passionate about what they do and who has worked on their skills and techniques over the years to get to the very pinnacle of their game. The…


Why every man should wear bespoke shirts

So there I was going through life wearing off-the-peg shirts never really thinking anything of it. I liked some of my shirts better than others, some had nicer collars, some nicer cuffs and so on but none were perfect. Then there were the shirts that I liked but didn’t wear because they had issues with…