Suigeneric Straps – Dare to be different

The watch world can be a conservative place at times and when you start to get into the ‘scene’ you will hear all sorts of geeks and nerds who are more than happy to impose all sorts of horological rules – thou must not wear a divers watch on a leather strap, dress watches should have no complications, no brown straps on black dialled watches… I’ve heard them all, but what do I say? I say that sometimes it is good to be brave and it is always fun to dare to be different. If you think like me than you need to know about Suigeneric straps!L1020162web

Suigeneric are a New York based company making, amongst other things, hand waxed cotton Nato-style straps in a whole range of bold and energetic patters from leopard print to camouflage and stripes. They are not for shrinking violets! Being waxed cotton they are thicker than the usual nylon type Nato straps and appear a little stiff at first, but they soon wear in becoming soft and supple and moulding to the shape of your wrist.

I’m not for one minute suggesting that a leopard print strap might be my first choice to complement my dinner suit, but with jeans and a t-shirt why not wear something a bit fun once in a while? The straps can be changed in a few minutes so what is the worst that can happen? Live on the wild side with a Suigeneric strap.L1020165web