It took me 30 years to solve this trouser conundrum…

For the first three decades of my life I was tormented by a sartorial mystery that was yet to be solved. A mystery involving trousers, no less. I endured endless sleepless nights worrying about this trouser conundrum and no matter where I turned for help I found no end to the torment. Then one day, whilst staring at my crotch deep in thought I had an epiphany. The mystery was no more, and the relief was immeasurable.

I am, of course, talking of the mystery that is the little loop found just above the fly on many pairs of trousers. What on earth is it there for? Is it for hanging your keys on? Unbelievably, no, it isn’t. But let me impart my knowledge in the hope that I will help gentlemen across the globe from worrying about it any more.belt-loop-1

Well, there it is. A little inconspicuous loop just above the fly and just under the waist band. Almost like a little mini belt loop. Not all trousers have this neat little feature, but the ones that do went from being my most frustrating trousers (through the years of mental torture that they gave) to being my favourite pairs of trousers, and now I wish that all my strides featured this little loop.

So, I shall not drag the suspense out any longer. This little loop is used to keep your belt from riding either up or down and from migrating around your middle either left or right. It is ingenious! How does it work? Well, it really is simple. Just thread your belt through your trouser belt loops as normal, then before fastening the buckle just thread the pin from the buckle through the little loop. Then when you fasten the buckle the little loop will hold your buckle in place. Simple as that!


No more belts sliding around your middle. All neat, all tidy. Hopefully now all you gentlemen who, like me, had been worrying about this seemingly useless tab on your trousers may be able to sleep at night safe in the knowledge that there will be no more belt migration.