Every bike needs a wine rack!


Some people use their bikes for plugging through mud up and down mountain paths. Other people dress up in lycra and aerodynamically designed helmets that make you look like you are wearing some kind of tadpole on your bonce and speed around the roads upsetting motorists, but a gentlemen should choose a more sophisticated type of cycle. The sort of bicycle that you can don your tweeds and take for a jaunt to the local for a swift pint of foaming ale. That is not to say that a gentleman’s cycle must be a sedate affair, a 1930’s path racer styled velocipede would get you to the Dog & Duck in good speed and in style to.

I often cycle home via my local wine merchant and therefore I required a secure way of stowing my wine on the way home. Oopsmark, manufacture the perfect solution. A leather and brass wine bottle rack. Available in various colours so that it can be nicely coordinated to your saddle it is the accessory to have.

When you find such products that are beautifully designed and made then they are a real joy to use.