After Shave Balm & Moisturiser


So those of you read our article entitled The 5 golden rules of shaving will recall that rule number 4 was to close pores of your skin after shaving and that rule number 5 was to moisturise.

There is no need to recover old ground about why they are important rules, but they are. It is, however, possible to ensure that you do both things at the same time by using a combined after shave lotion and moisturiser. There are loads of them on the market, but here are four of our favourites.

Kiehl’s – The Ultimate Men’s After-Shave Balm (£17.50 / 125ml)

This rich moisturising balm has a refreshing eucalyptus scent and noticeably cools your skin after a shave. I like to use it after using Proraso shaving cream (which itself has a mint & eucalyptus scent) for the ultimate, refreshing wake up call! It doesn’t get much more invigorating that this. One especially good for when you need a little help waking up in the morning after a late night on the gin slings.

Aesop – Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion (£33 / 60ml)

This is the most fragranced of the moisturisers here, and the scent lasts quite a long time so definitely one for when you don’t want to wear a separate cologne. The fragrance is woody & spicy with a warm exotic feel. The moisturiser is fairly rich and so you really don’t need much, but it does absorb quickly leaving your skin moisturised and refreshed.

Geo. F. Trumper – Fragrance Free Moisturising Lotion (£22 / 200ml)

The name Geo. F. Trumper is synonymous with luxury shaving products and this moisturising lotion certainly does not let the side down. It’s light, non-oily formula is ideal for all skin types and absorbs easily and quickly. Being fragrance free means that it won’t interfere with any fragrance or cologne that you choose to wear. It comes in both 100ml, 200ml & 500ml bottles. A bathroom cabinet essential.

Edwin Jagger – Sandalwood Moisturising Aftershave Lotion (£21 / 100ml)

I don’t know what it is about Sandalwood, but there is something very masculine about it. This Aftershave lotion is light but moisturising and will leave your skin gently fragranced with sandalwood. I like to pair this with Edwin Jagger’s Sandalwood shaving cream for that manly sandalwood shave experience.

So don’t forget the after shave balm & moisturiser as an essential part of your shaving routine.