We have a long love affair with coffee, we drink it is in the morning, we drink it at work with colleagues, we drink it after dinner, we catch up with friends over a cup and we drink it in a vain attempt to remain awake in those long business meetings. So if you like a “cup o’ joe” then I have just the thing for you.

We drink it as espresso, or with frothy milk, or chilled over ice. The possibilities are endless, but the clever Italians, famed for their great coffee making and also credited with inventing espresso, have gifted the world with a fantastic after dinner coffee treat. It might also be the easiest dessert to make, so is great for when you unexpectedly have friend turn up for dinner, or fancy something sweet after dinner but hadn’t planned to make anything. I am, of course, talking of the Affogato (which means “Drowned” in Italian).L1020091web

So, how do we make it? Well, it really does not get simpler than this. It will be ready in 2 minutes!

You will need:

  • 1 scoop of the very best vanilla ice-cream you can find
  • 1 shot of hot steaming espresso


  1. Sit the scoop of ice-cream in a glass, cup or small bowl
  2. Drown it with the hot, fragrant espresso

Well…. I did say it was easy!! Enjoyed best straight away whilst the coffee is still hot and the ice-cream is melting.

If you fancied mixing it up a little you can always crush an amaretti biscuit over the top to add a little crunch or perhaps drizzle a small amount of amaretti liquor over the top to inject a little boozy treat.