Throughout our lives we should strive for excellence in what we do and in how we behave. There are things that all gentlemen should know how to do, and know how to do well. Be it making a Gin Fizz, polishing ones shoes or carving the Sunday roast it should be done with both passion and finesse.

In the quest of bettering myself (and possibly even those who read my blog) and whilst taking pleasure and pride in everyday gentlemanly pursuits, I aim to address some of the everyday things that we do in order to find the best way of doing them. There is an old quote that statesPerfection is not in doing extraordinary things, but in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well” and this is a philosophy that I admire.

Having always had a love for the sciences and engineering, and having trained as an Analytical Chemist I have an inbuilt and deeply engrained yearning for knowledge. Knowledge and understanding of all things, including those that at first may appear mundane. With a little research and the application of some analytical thinking we can turn something ordinary into an art form and excel in it’s execution to produce the very best results. Furthermore in doing so we can enjoy both the process and the result.

I hope that you enjoy my blog.

The Learned Gentleman

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